All about the Renew Bamboo Exfoliator

The Barva Skin Therapie Renew Bamboo Exfoliator is unique in using Bamboo in its formulation. Given that it’s rich in mineral salts and an excellent source of silica, a compound that has shown to strengthen skin and promote collagen production, Bamboo makes the perfect exfoliation agent.

The Bamboo Exfoliating Extract is obtained from the bamboo tabashi stems. It is collected in the form of an exudate (a thick liquid) which crystallizes at room temperature.

This crystalline powder is very rich in mineral salt and is an excellent source of silica and makes a mild exfoliant. It is ground for a light, gritty feel.

Besides its gentle structure that polishes skin, Bamboo is the richest known source of silica, a compound shown to strengthen skin and promote collagen production. It also helps dissolve the oil that builds up on the skin, clogging pores and making it harder for skincare ingredients to penetrate the skin.

The Renew Bamboo Exfoliator creates a dense microfoliant that gently polishes and buffs the skin for the ideal amount of exfoliation.