The Toddler that gave Birth to an Entrepreneur Mom!

All of us believe that a child gives birth to a mother. In this story, not only has the child given birth to a mother, but also to a new product line! Kamakshi Barve, who I believe is a woman with a thousand stories, related a humorous yet touching incident that is experienced by almost every mother of an infant or toddler.

This happened way back in 2008 when Kamakshi was a full-time mother of a son and a daughter who was a toddler. Being a toddler, the little girl explored, touched, and grabbed every little thing she set her eyes on! Though Kamakshi was on her toes at all times to ensure that little Prithvi doesn't hurt herself in the process, certain situations arise during the day when mothers must leave their toddlers to their own devices for a bit to attend to other more pressing needs.

On one such day, Kamakshi managed to keep little Prithvi engaged for a bit to go and take a quick shower. After all, in the vicinity of her bedroom, what harm could Prithvi do in a span of 5-10 minutes (so she thought)! In the meantime, the little explorer managed to grab the lipstick on the dressing table, open it, eat half of it, and smear the rest on the floor and on her face & body! When Kamakshi stepped out of her shower, she started in utmost dismay at the sight of Prithvi and the battered lipstick lying beside her!

As a mother, the damaged lipstick and the mess created with it wasn't much of an issue. The real issue was that the little toddler had consumed a lipstick that contained artificial color and all kinds of chemicals such as coal tar, parabens, phthalates, and the like. This incident was a major inspiration behind the introduction of the Barva Skin Therapie lipsticks, which are made from pure gee and other natural ingredients.

After all, no matter how hard we try to keep your lipsticks and other cosmetics out of the reach of our toddlers, there are times when they manage to reach. This can happen because at times either our children prove to be smarter than us and manage to reach them by themselves, or because we leave them lying around because of other pressing demands on our time and energy. Either ways, if the products we use contain natural ingredients, even in situations such as the one described above, we don't have to worry about their possible adverse effects.

Since their launch in 2008, the lipsticks are, in Kamakshi's words, the "Sachin Tendulkar" of the Barva Skin Therapie brand's product line. They are trusted by women of all ages, ranging from teenagers, middle-aged, as well as the elderly. They are also the preferred choice of mothers and grandmothers as gifts to the girls in the family who are entering adulthood and have started using color cosmetics on special occasions as well as at functions/performances at school where they are required to use them. They contain organic cow's ghee and food-grade color. Over the years, they have sold by themselves without the need for advertising or branding. They have attracted a large number of repeat clientele and will continue to do so.

Do watch this space for more such interesting, humorous, and inspiring stories from the Barves :)