5 Benefits of Body Massage During Winter

As winter is setting in, your body as well as your skin need nourishment from the harsh weather conditions that cause dry skin as well as the lethargy that generally sets in as a result of cold weather. Moreover, during the winter months, it has also been reported that those suffering from joint pain, injuries, muscular pain, etc. experience greater pain.

A relaxing body massage during the winter offers several benefits in addition to the most common ones, five of which have been elaborated below:

1) Massage Improves Blood Circulation

During winter months, our body feels more lethargic as compared to other seasons. It becomes nearly impossible to get yourself out of bed every morning to go for a walk, run, to the gym, to yoga classes, or any other physical exercise. It badly needs to be revitalized, and massage is the best option, followed by a hot bath.

A good body massage, which involves the kneading and rubbing of the body using the appropriate strokes stimulates blood circulation along with easing tension in the muscles. Improved blood circulation makes us feel not only relaxed, but also revitalized. Our body moves better, feels better, and works better. This leads to better sleep and a feeling of freshness upon waking up in the morning instead of lethargy.

2) Massage Makes the Skin Soft & Smooth

Massage involves the usage of a body oil that is enriched with natural ingredients. The ingredients used in the body massage used vary based on the type of massage one opts for as well as the ailments one aims at curing. For instance, if massage is aimed at providing relief from joint or muscle pain, the ingredients used in the oil are lemongrass, eucalyptus, chamomile, lavender, etc. These ingredients penetrate deep into your skin as the oil gets absorbed. Other ingredients, such as til oil, olive, oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, and pomegranate seed oil, dislodge dirt and grime as well as provide deep moisturizing and revitalization to the skin. This is a must during winters as skin all over the body tends to dry out and suffer from itchiness. Moreover, in some cases, even the best of moisturizers sometimes tend to help only for a couple of hours.

3) Massage Eases Aches & Pains

During winters, body pain, especially for those who have suffered from injuries, tends to be higher. Those suffering from joint pain, muscle strain, fractures, sprains, etc., especially elderly people, experience a higher amount of pain, especially in the knees, lower back, neck, and shoulders. Therapeutic massage once a week or by-weekly, which is targeted at offering relief from these parts of the body, helps ease this pain naturally without having to take any medication

4) Massage Offers Complete Relaxation

Massage offers the complete relaxation of the body and mind. Thai massage and Aromatherapy massage are two types of massage therapies that aim at calming the mind and ensuring total relaxation. Fragrant essential oils, such as lavender oil, orange oil, lemongrass oil, etc., are used. These fragrances soothe the senses and ensure complete relaxation of the body and mind, thus offering relief from stress. They are known to reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. It is recommended for everyone, especially working professionals who lead very busy & stressful lives, to take a relaxing massage once a month throughout the year.

5) Massage Boosts Your Immune System

Apart from making you relaxed and easing aches & pains, body massage is also known to boost your immune system, according to a study by the Los Angeles-based Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Participants in this study reported lower cytokines levels, which are molecules that cause inflammation. Once inflammation reaches chronic levels, it is known to cause cardiovascular disease, asthma, and similar other conditions.

Other studies have proven that this is because body massage, when aimed at the area around the lymph nodes, facilitates the movement of the white blood cells. As mentioned earlier, massage also improves blood circulation, which is another factor that stimulates the white blood cells to become more active and fight diseases. Food for thought - a simple remedy for treating a common cold can be a weekly massage!

To reap the benefits of a good body massage, we need just two things:

1) the right massage therapist, and

2) the right body oil

Enjoy a relaxing massage regularly to continue enjoying the winter months till they last!

Warm regards,

The Barva Team