Which is the Correct Shade of Red Lipstick for Me?

Red lipstick has been in vogue for almost a decade. Most makeup artists and experts agree that red is a universal shade for lipstick. What this means is that there is a shade of red lipstick for each and every skin tone. However, finding the right shade that suits your skin tone without making you look and feel overdressed or "loud" is the key. In this article, we break it down for you.

If you know your skin tone already, scroll down to see which lipstick colours will suit you best... if you don't know your skin tone, keep reading....

We see a wide variety of skin tones and hues in Indian complexion, and all of them are beautiful. Also, the wide variety of lipstick shades of any color can be broadly categorized as matte, shimmer, and glossy. In case of red lipsticks, the matte variety is the most popular, as matte red lipsticks tend to pop. Combined with a matching lip liner, they can add the perfect glamorous touch to your makeup!

To be able to choose the red lipstick that is best suited to your complexion/skin tone, Lakme recommends that the trick is to try and match the shade of the lipstick to the undertone of your skin. Undertones of Indian skin can be broadly categorized as cool, warm, and neutral. Now let us look at a few ways of identifying which one is yours:

1) Check the color of the veins on your wrist:

  • If the color of the veins on your wrist is blue or purple, it means that your undertone is cool
  • If the color is greenish, your undertone is warm
  • If the color is hard to determine, it means that your undertone is neutral
2) Which jewelry suits you the best?
  • If silver jewelry suits you more than gold, your undertone is cool
  • If gold jewelry suits you more than silver, your undertone is warm
  • If both, silver and gold jewelry, looks equally good on you, your tone is neutral
Now how do I chose the right red lipstick for my undertone?

Yes, now let's get to the point! Here are a few things to keep in mind:
1) If your undertone is neutral, you are the luckiest, because you need not worry about which shade will suit you. Not only red, but majority of colors suit neutral undertones.
2) If your undertone is cool, you should choose red lipsticks that are pinkish, peach, and bluish. They will make your teeth look whiter and your skin look brighter.

3) If your undertone is warm, choose red lipsticks with warm undertones, such as brown, golden, and yellow. They will make the color of your skin pop.

Which shades of red among the Barva Skin Therapie Lipsticks range suit which skin tones?

Here is a list of the red lipsticks in our product range based on the undertones that they suit:

1) Neutral Undertone:
  All shades of red -

 2) Cool Undertone:
 3) Warm Undertone:

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