‘Barva’ in Sanskrit is ‘goodness’. Our products are just that – filled with natural goodness, safe to use and affordable. Easy to apply, multi-tasking products, for daily use.Our clarified butter range has skincare and makeup made using cow ghee & kokum butter that work wonders for your skin. The flowery aroma of the makeup and the citrus scents of the skincare will work wonders for your wellbeing!

Natural Ingredients

 – We use only natural ingredients in all our products. 

Not Tested on Animals

 – None of our products are tested on animals. We strongly believe in being a cruelty free brand.


– The safety and efficacy of our products has been endorsed by our customers over several years.


 – We are extremely honest & open about the ingredients we use in our products and the environmental & other impacts of our business.

Our Standards


Choosing a product for our skin & hair is serious business. Irrespective of our gender or age, we seek something that is safe, trustworthy, and reputed. Barva Skin Therapie offers a wide range of natural skin care and herbal makeup product products that put all these three doubts to rest.

Here’s another reason why you should choose Barva…

Starting October 17, 2020, for every product you purchase, we will donate Rs.5 to Aakar Foundation. Aakar Foundation strives to create mental health awareness and aims at shaping people’s lives through behavioral modification. It offers therapeutic counselling, workshops, child welfare services, psychiatric rehabilitation, and related services to individuals of all ages seeking counselling for depression, OCT, and other mental health issues.

Our contribution will be used towards their scholarship program for underprivileged students who are raised by single parent. Looking forward to your support!

If you would like to donate directly to Aakar Foundation, you can get in touch with them here.


Safety is priority. Our products are made using organic ingredients that are certified. Nature’s bounty has an abundant source of the best materials that have shown excellent results, used by many, through generations in India.

Our team relies on the use of these tried and tested products to bring to you a therapeutic experience in not just rejuvenating but sustaining your skin. Beauty may not be skin deep but it does show through the skin. Our products cater to women, men and children and hence, we strive to make our products risk-free and non-hazardous.


You can trust us. We use organic products from our own agricultural set-up as well as source them from others who cultivate natural & organic produce.

Our team meticulously combines these natural materials with efficient technical expertise, thus creating products that are the outcome of knowledge, hard work, and experience. We upgrade, update, and are upbeat about our quality.

We won’t let you down!


Over the past few years, Barva Skin Therapie has established itself in the India market. Our products experience lucrative sales at exhibitions, conventions, as well as through our website.

Our team manufactures products for reputed organic companies on a global scale, and we are associated with numerous agricultural and organic ventures. Barva, our own product line, is a recent venture. We have a reputation of building credibility slowly but surely.

All Barva Skin Therapie products are manufactured by Sprivil Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. New MIDC Satara Maharashtra & marketed by Youthopia.