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Happy Plant Fertilizer

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Organic Manure, known as the brand name- Happy Plant, is a blend of different organic ingredients derived from plants origin. This Organic Manure is result of Vedic Wisdom with modern scientific studies in agriculture and kitchen garden. The whole study is based on the sound footing of sustainability, promoting interrelation and interdependence of all living things in nature. The use of happy plant enhances the bacterial activity in the soil resulting in increase in soil fertility.


What is “Happy Plant?”

Happy plant is a result of Vedic Wisdom and review of modern scientific studies in agriculture and garden with natural products around the world, and also continual evaluation, re-evaluation and validation of findings in the field of organic fertilizer for the last 15 years. The whole study is based on the sound footing of sustainability, promoting interrelation and inter-dependence of all the living things in nature.

How ” Happy Plant” works on soil?

It works on the concept of ‘in-situ composting’ near the root zone. In-situ composting leads to formation of polysaccharides and Humic Acid, which is essential for better root development. Raw protein substances along with polysaccharides and Humic Acid improve flora and fauna near the root zone, which also leads to increase in beneficial microbial count. Gradual composting in the soil and symbiotic bacterial activity ensures adequate nutrient and micronutrient supply to the plants for a longer period in a sustainable manner. It also improves resistance and defense mechanism of the soil against adverse attacks and conditions, like nematodes, bacterial wilt, termites, etc.

The biodegradation of Happy Plant mixed to the soil starts within 2-3 days and it continues for 6 months. Happy Plant improves soil structure, water holding capacity. It increases aeration and availability of oxygen for better rooting, and nutrient availability to the plant. Happy Plant when used with chemical fertilizers can reduce the dosage of chemical fertilizers up to 75 %.

Effect of Happy Plant:

  • Improves soil structure
  • Increases water holding capacity
  • Increases aeration and availability of oxygen for better rooting
  • Increases nutrient availability
  • Increases active fraction of organic matter
  • Improves resistance to soil borne pests and insects due to higher predator population
  • It reduces the chemical fertilizers dose up to 75%.
  • It increases organic carbon percentage in soil.
  • Also, it maintains the pH of soil.


Micro-organism activity in the soil triggers and soil becomes healthy and porous.
High organic carbon in Happy Plant increases humus and water holding capacity of the soil. As a result, the root system increases and the plant also become healthy.
Happy plant improves size, quality, luster and aroma of the fruits.
Life of plant increases and simultaneously more harvest is obtained.


A family will invest minimum input and what they will get, is maximum output.
Cow dung is replaced by Green Harvest for Happy Plant.

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