no makeup makeup look

The no-makeup makeup look is trending among women (and men too, mostly models) of various age groups. In this article, we will discuss the various nuances of this look, and tell you how you can achieve a flawless no makeup makeup look without giving yourself away.

Why the No Makeup Makeup Look?

Here are some of the reasons why people prefer the no-makeup look:

a) It makes you skin look naturally beautiful & flawless.
– It only covers up some spots & discoloration/inconsistency in skin tone, without appearing like you’ve applied makeup at all!

In fact, this look requires the use of a primer/bb cream and/or foundation that provide sheer coverage, so your skin imperfections might appear lighter than they actually are, but not disappear totally. This is also fine, because there’s no such thing as the picture perfect skin 🙂

b) It doesn’t require too many products
– All you need is a good face cleanser suited to your skin type, preferably one that gently cleanses & balances the pH of your skin, a primer or BB cream & a lip balm and/or a lipstick in a nude/natural shade.

no makeup makeup look

c) It doesn’t require any special makeup skills

– You need not be a master at blending, using fancy makeup tools & other pro makeup techniques.

d) Requires less time
– The no-makeup makeup look takes around 5-10 minutes to create, which includes the time required for cleansing & moisturizing.

Products that are commonly used for the no-makeup makeup look:

1) Cleanser
– A face cleanser/foaming face wash that is suited to your skin type. Cleansing is the first step for any makeup routine, as it helps remove stale products, impurities, skin oiliness etc. An effective cleanser balances the pH of your skin , which is essential for keeping skin problems at bay. It also refreshes your skin and aids in the better absorption of other beauty products, such as your moisturizer.

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2) Moisturizer (very important if your skin is dry/combination)
– A light moisturizer that is an ideal balance of rich butters, such as mango butter, cow ghee, kokum butter, and light ingredients such as aloe vera & orange essential oil (check it out here). It gets instantly absorbed into your skin to provide quick relief from skin dryness & dehydration (click here to read more on dry & dehydrated skin).

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3) Tinted Primer or BB Cream
– Now for the makeup product – in case of a no-makeup makeup look, we can skip the foundation and concealer. Instead, go for a primer or BB cream that has a light tint or shimmer to add a glow to your face. It also evens out your skin tone, and covers open pores and other imperfections, but only to a certain extent. So your skin still looks natural and non made up.

4) Lip Balm
– This is definitely a lip care essential, irrespective of whether you plan to wear lipstick or not. It keeps you lips moist and prevents or even cures chapped & dry lips. It also ensures that your lipstick glides on smoothly and doesn’t cake up.

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5) Lipstick
– A lipstick in a nude or neutral shade (Check out the Barva Lipstick Shades – Rose Damask, Passion, Orchid & Natural Brown) can also be used in a no-makeup makeup look, however, it is optional.

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How to Create a No-Makeup Makeup Look?

no makeup makeup look

Creating a no-makeup makeup look is very easy and less time-consuming too.

If you have dry or combination skin, start with a moisturizer. Apply it liberally all over your face & neck regions. After that, follow the steps below:

1) Make small dots of primer or BB cream all over your face & neck. Blend gently towards the corners of your face. This will even out your skin tone, add an instant glow to your face, and create a smooth canvas for your makeup.

2) Apply lip balm on your lips, and let it sit for around 2 minutes. Once it has worked its magic on your lips, wipe it off with a tissue.

3) Next, apply a lipstick in the shade of your choice (preferably a nude/neutral shade, as this is a no-makeup makeup look). You can blot it with a tissue & layer it up if you want.

And you’re good to go with just these three (if you skip the lipstick then 2) steps! Your skin will glow naturally without looking made up. After all, it’s your imperfections that make you beautiful! Why hide them behind heavy makeup and concealers.

We hope you found this article useful. Take care and stay safe!