What is Barva

Pure. Divine.

The origin of this word, BARVA is Sanskrit. It literally means pure and divineOur products are just that – a divine experience, manifesting from the pure materials in nature.

Like the fragrance of an incense stick lingers on, leaving the surroundings with a sense of divinity and mystifying beauty, in that same enchanting way do our products leave your skin looking radiant, with a lingering aura that brings out your natural beauty.

Experience divine beauty from this pure goodness of nature. Experience Barva Skin Therapie.

Who are Barva

Our connect with nature is our legacy.

Hailing from India, our simple beginnings are in a small village called Vita, in the Sangli district of Maharashtra. We converted our small farm in to a Certified Organic one for certified organic produce (safe food) required in the manufacturing of other certified organic inputs.

Being a Non-Profit Organization for farmers, we educate them to grow organic and reap its benefits while working towards a healthy environment, free of harmful chemicals. Cumulatively we are now an Association of Farmers having 150 acres of Organic Farming and Agriculture. Our products and expertise is extended not only in India but globally too.

An association with Sprivil, (a company manufacturing organic cosmetics) brought about an interest in manufacturing and marketing various organic beauty products.

Managed by Kamakshi Barve, this new idea of therapeutic skin products, was conceived and realized through BARVA Skin Therapie. Our dream is to take forward our bond with nature and bring a new age therapy for not just beautiful but also healthy skin.

Organic products manufactured with natural, organic materials, tended with careful processes and efficient expertise is our approach to this venture. 

Why choose Barva

Choosing a product for your skin is serious business. Man, woman or child, we all look for something safe, trustworthy and reputedBarva puts all three doubts to rest.


Safety is priority. Our products are made using organic ingredients that are certified. Nature’s bounty has an abundant source of the best materials that have shown excellent results, used by many, through generations in India.

Our team relies on the use of these tried and tested products to bring to you a therapeutic experience in not just rejuvenating but sustaining your skin. Beauty may not be skin deep but it does show through the skin. Our products cater to women, men and children and hence, we strive to make our products risk-free and non-hazardous.


You can trust us. We use organic products from our own agricultural set-ups as well as resource them from others who are associated with natural and organic produce.

Our team meticulously combines these natural materials with efficient technical expertise, in bringing to the table products that are the outcome of knowledge, hard-work and experience. We upgrade, update and are upbeat about our quality.

We won’t let you down.


We are well established. Barva is already well accepted in the Indian market. Our products are widely bought at exhibitions, conventions and through online markets.

Our team manufactures products for reputed organic companies on a global scale and we are associated with numerous agricultural and organic ventures. Barva, our own product line is a recent venture, in keeping with our longstanding experience. Our reputation is building credibility slowly but surely.

All Barva Products are Manufactured by SPRIVIL Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. & Marketed by YOUTHOPIA. Happy Plant is Manufactured by Nature care Fertilizer and Marketed by YOUTHOPIA. Youthopia: Aim to give all organic products under one roof.